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Training Tips
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Staying on Track
Why Race?

Training Tips


Trail Running Information

Training Program

Long run, speed workout, other runs and cross-training.

Weekly Log

Keep track of your weekly runs to check progress.

The Great Outdoors

How trail running is different, trail etiquette, maintenance, safety, bears. Check out Paula Wild's book tips from Paula Wild, author of The Cougar: Beautiful, Wild and Dangerous.


Navigation tips about signage, what to do when lost, maps.


Avoiding obstacles, using forefoot, downhill, proprioception, falling.

Injury Prevention

Take care of yourself, get treatment if injured, rest, sleep, stretch, increase distance gradually. Also: How to Stay Injured! Common injuries with remedies. Moveo Sport and Rehab presentation.


Water needs. Also see Tim Noakes new book Waterlogged. A handheld will meet basic requirements for runs about an hour. When training for ultras, a hydration pack is ideal. See also tips on nutrition in this article 10 Awful Nutrition Myths Perpetuated by the Media.


Trail shoes, technical clothing, headlamp, hydration pack.

Dirt Secrets

Scott Jurek reveals some key training concepts.

Suzanne's Tips

Joy of Running Uphill! Suzanne Foster is a physiotherapist. Keys to Running Downhill. Tapering and race preparation by Suzanne Foster.

Run downhill

Running downhill.

Run uphill

Running uphill.

Heart Rate Monitor

How a heart rate monitor can improve your fitness.


Tapering benefits.

Locator Maps

Meeting locations at trailheads: Berkley at Hyannis in North Vancouver. Jaycee House near Capilano University.

GPS and Tips

Great variety of tips for trail running, including tracking with GPS.

Race Strategy

Training, preparation, race day, the mental race.

Trail Routes

16 km


Hanes Valley description and photos. The route is well flagged but you need to look for every flag and marker to stay on course. Keep left in boulder fields when there is another option on the right. Running time average 5-7 hours. Hiking time about 8 hours for experienced hiker. This trail is RUGGED.

14/17 km

Hallow's Eve Partial Half

Portion of Hallow's Eve half marathon route: Diamond Trail, Baden-Powell, 30 Foot Pool, Varley, Baden-Powell, Mountain Hwy, Upper Griffen, Lower Griffen, Lynn Headwaters, gazebo, Suspension Bridge Trail, Baden-Powell, Diamond Trail.

8 km

Hallow's Eve Short

Portion of Hallow's Eve 10 km route: Diamond Trail, Baden-Powell, Suspension Bridge Trail, Baden-Powell, Diamond Trail.

8 km

Capilano Canyon

Cleveland Dam, Coho, Chinook, Shinglebolt, Capilano-Pacific, Shinglebolt, Baden-Powell.


Staying on Track

  • Build distance gradually.
  • "Time on your feet" is important.
  • Rest in between run days.
  • Run with a friend to help you stay committed to goals.
  • Stick to a program.


Why Race?

Why race?
Racing has very individual benefits. Some race to test their limits, to beat a competitor, to accomplish a goal, to complete a journey, to be out with other runners in nature, and to share the pain. The most difficult races are the most gratifying to finish!