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Man fends off bear with wine bottle.

Nicola Marshall does Fat Dog 30 Mile
Adrenalin is a magical substance. I didn't notice my existing injuries and wasn't in much pain until mile 22 when both knees went on strike.

Sasha's Dirty Duo article in Trail

Out Alone Stories
Two stories from local runners Mike Heiliger and Pat Woods. Always leave a note!

Stunning Rim Trail, Cathedral Provincial Park
Stunning alpine views, glacial lakes and mountain goats on spectacular trails in Cathedral Provincial Park near Keremeos, BC. Starting near Cathedral Lakes Lodge and Quiniscoe Lake, run time for this 10 km route is about 2.5-5 hours depending on pace. Take camera.

Spectacular Rubble Creek
This may be the most specacular race for scenery in the Vancouver/Whistler area.

Cutthroat Classic is worth the trip
Climb one pass for 5 miles from 5000 to 7000 feet then descend for 6 miles. We were told to watch out for small stumps (how cute is that!).

Way Too Cool
My first 50 km was about heat and finishing: Way Too Cool in California. Race registration fills in minutes.

Glenn does Lost Soul 100 km
The photos on the website clinched it. A trail race in the prairies sounded fun. I didn't notice the small print on the website - "4300' gain per lap, 2 laps for 100km".

Heather does Death Valley 2003
The trail is actually a narrow jeep road that runs through Titus Canyon. The marathon route starts in a valley, and climbs 2000 feet on a gradual yet gravelly road to the start of the 18 mile portion. I was in the 18 mile group and we had the advantage of starting in the mountains.


What’s Your Story?
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Injury Prevention

How to Stay Injured: A 20 Point Plan

Ignore Injury at Your Peril (clever and true story)

Cramping causes and prevention by Curb Ivanic

Runner's stitch by Dr Jenn Turner

Check out this video because Giant Hog Weed can cause serious burns.

How to Fix Bad Ankles by Gretchen Reynolds

Lower Leg problems and shin splints


Benefits of running from the ACLS Training Centre.

Aging well through exercise!

Using a heart rate monitor.

Running for kids.

Get answers to physical activity questions.

Lactate threshold testing by Nicola Gildersleeve.


Best trail camera reviews.

Great gear reviews on

GPS watches are not as accurate as you think

Camelback desirable features

Choosing the Right Trail Shoe

Tips for finding right shoe (includes diabetics, fasciitis).

Treadmill reviews (read before you buy)


Blueberry Muffins and Cheesecake Recipes (from Curb)

Calculating carbs and water for running

Minestrone Soup and cornbread (The Phantom Run)
Mark and Allice Lukan, Jamm Caterers

Stocking Up on Good Nutrition
Nancy Clark (PDF file, 12 KB)

Need More Energy? NOT More Protein
Tracy Higgs (PDF file, 5 KB)

Smart Carbs, NOT Low Carbs!
Tracy Higgs, BHK, RNCP (PDF file, 6KB)

Tracy Higgs, BHK, RNCP (PDF file, 13 KB)